Voltage Regulators

12-Volt Models PX-4000, PX-5000, PX-6000 Series, PX-7000

Above: Connections for PX-4000, 5000, & 6000 Regulator Above: Connections for PX-7000 Regulator
12-Volt PennTex External Voltage Regulators: (Click Here for Testing Information)
PX-4000: Used with PX-3,PX-4,PX-5,PX-6 Series Alternators

PX-5000: Used with PX-2 Series Alternators

PX-6000: Used on 2005 and up GM chassis only
Will a PX-4000 substitute for a PX-5000 or PX-6000? click here
PX-6000A: Used on some Arboc GM applications
PX-7000: Used on some 2009-Up Ford Products
My PennTex PX-4-210 Series alternator has what looks like an internal voltage regulator. What is it?
PennTex Specialty Regulators:
PX-4000-4 24-Volt Regulator (Hybrid: 12-Volt turn-on for 24-Volt system)
PX-4024 24-Volt Regulator: PX-2, PX-4, PX-6
PX-4000-8: Regulator only
PX-3525: Regulator Kit including 36 inch-long Harness)
75-Volt Regulator used with PX-9125, PX-9130, & PX-9131 75-Volt Alternators
What Harness Part Number comes in a PennTex Charging System Kit?
Important Regulator Ground Modification Information for 2007-back PennTex Systems
Information on Out of Production PennTex Regulators (these can be directly replaced by the PX-4000):
PX-1000 (below): First-design 12-Volt Regulator (superseded by PX-2000*)
PX-2000 (below): 12-Volt LED Regulator (superseded by PX-3000*)
PX-3000 (below): 12-Volt Regulator (superseded by PX-4000*)
*If your PennTex Charging System has a PX-2 12-volt alternator supersede above with a PX-5000 12-Volt Regulator

12-Volt Regulator Information Specialty Regulator Information
Installation Procedures Regulator/Charging System Test Paperwork
Alternator Dimensional Drawings Tach Feed Connections: PX-4000 & PX-5000
  PennTex Alternator Application Guide

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