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Alternator Dimensional Drawings Installation / Wiring Schematics
Ford 6.8 Gas TPS Technical Bulletin

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Charging System Tests Trouble Shooting
Frequently Asked Questions PennTex Alternator Parts Catalog
On-The-Vehicle Testing Information Warranty Information
Checklist to order a PennTex Charging System
List of PennTex Warehouse Distributors for purchase of replacement parts
PennTex Regulator Ground Modification Information - 2007 and back vehicles
How to Disassemble a PennTex PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, or PX-7 Alternator (Long Version)
How to Replace the Brushes in a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 & PX-7 Alternator (13 P.)
How to Disassemble a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 or PX-7  Alternator (Short Version)
How to Assemble a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 or PX-7  Alternator (Short Version)
Ford 6.8L Van Magnetic Interference with TPS or Replaced Throttle Body:  PX-5 Alternator on 6.8 V-10 - engine dies/ stalls: PX-7010/ PX-7011 TPS Shield
How to Disassemble a PX-4V-220 Series Alternator (Short Version)
Alternator Mounting Styles - match an alternator to your vehicle by how it attaches
How do I plug in the "T" Connector on a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 or PX-7 alternator?
The Difference Between a 4-Step Voltage Test and a Full-Field Test
The Difference between a PennTex PX-5TD and a PX-5TD6 Alternator
Convert a Externally Rectified PX-5 to a PX-5 with Dual Positive Posts
Battery Isolator: Regulator Sense Wire Hookup for proper charge level
PX-5: Replace a Single Positive Post PX-5 with a Dual Positive Post PX-5
How Does The PennTex PX-2 Series Compare To The PennTex PX-5 Series?
Assemble a PX-5RD Rear Housing Assembly / Install the Stator
Upgrade a PX-2, PX-4G, PX-5 or PX-7 Rear Housing Assembly
PennTex PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 & PX-7 Rear Housing Differences
PennTex Alternator Serial Number Lists (get a model number from your serial number)
Is it a Genuine PennTex Alternator?
Information on parts being sold as "Remanufactured PennTex"
Fan Spacer Usage: PX-2, PX-4G, PX-5 and PX-7 PennTex Alternators
Output Post Clocking information for GM vehicles with 6.0L gas & 6.6L engines using a PX-4V-220/ PX-422V alternator
What PennTex Wire Harness Part Number is in a PennTex Charging System Kit?
Evolution of the PennTex PX-2, PX-4, PX-5 & PX-7 Diode Heat Sinks
Positive & Negative Diode Information for most PennTex Alternators
Harness Connectors: What do Common PennTex Connections look like?
What Harness Adapters or Repair Pigtails does PennTex have available?
What Happens if the Cooling Fan is Left Off of a PX-8 BCK 50DN-Style Alternator
High Idler Replacement Parts Page
How to determine total vehicle system amperage demand

PCM Code P1638 and P0622 on GM Vehicles With PennTex Charging Systems

Results of a loose accessory drive belt
Where does a Tach Feed connect on a PX-4000 or PX-5000 Voltage Regulator?
Replacement T-Plug and Pigtail for some PX-2, PX-4 & PX-5 Alternators
Info on PA-4205 Dummy Regulator inside some PX-4 Models
Pulley Ratio Chart

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