These lists will help you cross-reference a PennTex alternator Serial Number to get the Model Number. The numbers are broken down by Year:
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
(Call us about serial numbers older than 1999 or newer than 2008)
The first three or four numbers in the Serial Number identify the month (red) and year (green) of manufacture.
Example 1: Alternator Serial Number: 10549170: 1 = January and 05 = 2005 so the alternator was made in January of 2005. The last 5 numbers complete the Serial Number.  Look this number up on the 2005 list - January section. NOTE: Serial numbers between January and September (1 through 9) may start with a zero making the above example serial number 010549170. Both would be correct.

Example 2: Alternator Serial Number 100500000: 10 = October and 05 = 2005 so it was made in October of 2005. The last 5 numbers complete the Serial Number. Look up this number on the 2005 list - October section.
"Bookmarks" to the left of the serial numbers break down the files by month
For more Serial Number examples Click Here
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